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I desperately need funding for school!

Miss Carolyn started this conversation

I am a single mom on welfare in CA. I am currently enrolled at a massage school (California Holistic Institute). I need tuition and living expenses for myself and toddler. The amount for tuition is ~ $5,000 for the 200 hour program and the 550 hour massage therapist program (necessary to take the National Certification exam).

I know that women count as a minority, and we are considered "very low income" so maybe that will be helpful?

If anyone knows ANY grant that I could apply for, I would really, really appreciate dropping me a line with that info!

Kind regards,
Miss Carolyn

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ok, I'm a married mother looking to get an education because the only thing I know is hair and beauty (I'm a hairdresser) I need more . So, in looking around I've come up with some of these sites . I hope they help you. It's rough being a single mother but you can get so much more help then you can being married. http://scholarships. ips/ http://www.equalitygra http://occupational- safety-and-health-training-gra ational-safety-and-health-trai ning-grants/index.b84.u4.htm#E ligibility

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